Lessons Learned from the Other Side

barbara ann caruso ebook

Kindle Edition (US) (UK) (CA) (DE) (IT) (ES)(IN)(JP)(AU)(FR)(NL)(BR)(MX). Several chapters dedicated also to the stories of animals and animal communication.

Barbara Caruso’s life has been touched too often by death, by sorrow, and by synchronicity.


As an accident survivor with a near-death experience, she was inspired to learn more about what happens after the end of life. As a nurse and a scholar, she was able to use her own personal experiences to inform a professional opinion of the one of the great unknowns in the mortal experience. As a grieving daughter, she yearned for understanding on an intensely personal level.


With the help of psychic communicators, Barbara was able to get some of the answers she craved. Decades after his sudden and untimely death, she was able to connect with her lost father—and quickly and effectively address her most crippling long-term issues, including rejection and lack of love.

For more than ten years, she has engaged in powerfully healing conversations with lost loved ones, including beloved, deceased pets. In Lessons Learned from the Other Side, she shares her favorite stories of these communications to open eyes, hearts, and minds to the possibility that relationships do not have to end with death.


She is dedicated and committed to the use of an authentic psychic connection to assist with the resolution of a concern with those who have passed beyond, and she hopes to inspire others to pursue this spiritual and profoundly healing form of communication.