Suzanne Ward

suzanne ward ac ebook

Kindle Edition. Paperback.


See more about the author at There are interesting books – and messages from her late son. Suzanne has been channeling him for years.

Obviously she is communicating with animals as well, even though she does not think of herself as an animal communicator.

A quick peek in Kindle Store revealed this cool conversation with one of her dogs:

One day he (dog) mentioned something that I couldn’t imagine he would know, that God is everything and everywhere.

Summertime, how do you know that?”

“Big Dog told us.”

“Is Big Dog what you call God?”

“NO! God is God! Big Dog is the mentor and disciplinarian of all dogs.”

He told me that puppy souls live “there” before they are born, and Big Dog teaches them what they need to know so they can do their jobs well – hunt, herd, guard, track scents, be a sweet little companion – depending on the breed each puppy soul would become. Big Dog teaches them what to expect from people and how to behave and how to fend for themselves if they get lost.

“Summertime, after puppies are born, do they remember everything Big Dog taught them?”

“They know it as instinct and they remember the lessons when they need to. When dogs go there to visit, Big Dog tells them if they need more instruction and he knows who does. There always are classes because the new puppy souls need them and the ones who visit go to reminder classes if Big Dog tells them to.”

“I see. It sounds as if Big Dog is very old and wise.”

“He’s God’s special helper for dogs and he knows everything there is to know. He has lived there ever since dogs were made, but he’ll never get old.”

“So he knows God?”

“Of course he does! Every dog knows who God is! Don’t you know?!”

“Yes, I do, I just didn’t know that you and all other dogs do too.”

“Well, we do, and so do other animals know. We’re all parts of God just like people are.”