Golden Messages from the Animals

Published by Balboa Press in May 2017. Available on Amazon (US) as paperback and Kindle Edition. Also on Book Depository (with free delivery). — Book Depository is often better bargain, at least for us located in Europe, if you have to buy paper books. Sometimes you just have to. :o]

” Even at a young age, Silvia Neff was a passionate animal communicator. From her family’s pet German shepherd to a llama at the zoo to a cow named Kerstin, Silvia soon discovered that all animals have abilities and perceptions to communicate heartfelt messages to humans. In a fascinating collection of real-life stories, Silvia shares a roadmap that reveals conversations with animals and spirit animals throughout her lifetime and, more importantly, the authentic, poignant, and exciting messages they shared with her. As she details how her destiny led her to Benny, a Golden retriever who wanted her as much as she wanted him, and Chico, a homeless dog, Silvia discloses how her loving companions soon began communicating with her telepathically, confidently leading her through one decision after another. Through it all, Silvia entices all of us to think about the way we view animals and encourages us to give them the respect and honor they deserve. Golden Messages from the Animals shares charming stories that reveal a glimpse into the mysteries of communicating with animals and animal spirits and the heartfelt messages they share. “