I am not here to judge these books, or to put them to any particular order. I simply post the titles I have found online, for those to find who bravely follow my path to the world of animal communication, with their hearts and minds open to the new possibilities that animal wisdom has to offer.

Those are possibilities which might save this planet and our own race in the long run. [If you like humans, that is. I have to say I do not particularly like people… ;o) People have questionable intentions, they do not know what they are doing and they seem to think that they get away with all kinds of BS these days!]

Unlike Dalai Lama, who thinks that the world could be saved by the western woman, I think that the world will be saved by animals — if we only listen to them. I have lost my belief in women and men alike.

If you crave for more knowledge about animals and their insightful, loving wisdom you can begin by browsing these books. Alas, some links are old but use Google; it is curious man’s best friend.

Animal wisdom is addictive and nothing is the same after you begin your journey. Many of these books have found their way to my own library and some of them are mentioned in Tailbook as well, where I share some of my favorite excerpts with you.